Doors of WordPress V9

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to my latest edition of Doors of WordPress. I am further showcasing doors from my neighbourhood in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. They were all spotted on my daily walks πŸ‘£ . I hope you enjoy looking and please let me know if you have a favourite.

1 – Darlinghurst
2 – Waverley (two for the price of one here)
3 – Bronte
4 – Paddington
5 – Paddington

I think number five is my personal favourite. I used to find it really strange that doors here in the eastern suburbs have an exterior security door. I thought maybe the areas were unsafe and prone to burglaries. However, I have noticed that this is a very common practice here and most doors will have this external door. It must be simply a security thing, so you can leave your front door open for air but have the security of the exterior door πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ.

Thanks for taking a look at my doors!

Wayne ✌🏽

20 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V9

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  1. Like the sharp difference in color in the first. You were talking about a security door in front of the front door. In our previous house in California, and now in Austin Texas we have one. The latter also has a mosquito screen which I greatly appreciate:) and a different lock on both. But in both cases not every front door has these.

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      1. Oops, somehow I wasn’t done with my comment yet. What I meant to say – all of our windows and doors have mosquito screens (my hubby does that because I would have otherwise have bites all summer long!)

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  2. I like all of these, Wayne. I was certain that the door at 110 would be my favorite (I love the transom light). Then I saw the last one – I love it. First, the photo is great, as I like the reflections. Second, the door / entrance is beautiful. I like the arch topped panels in the door, and the way they mirror the arched entrance and transom.

    In the US, β€œstorm doors” as we call them, are very common. They stand as a barrier to the weather. We have one on every door.

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  3. I like the fifth one best too. It’s really pretty.
    I know on some older houses in Scotland there would be double doors too, my MIL lived in one and she was very knowledgeable on such things (on all things really) and she told me it was to protect from the weather. Which makes sense (snow, cold). Maybe a timber for of double glazing?

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