Tuesday thoughts 💭 V1

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share my thoughts in this post. It’s funny I’m doing it on a Tuesday, or maybe it’s apt as I used to always hate Tuesdays. I always found Tuesday to be a nothing day. Let me explain my thought process there quickly. On a Monday you always had lots to talk about, normally what you had been up to over the weekend just past. On a Wednesday it was hump day i.e. middle of the week. You knew, when you were nearly finished the day, you were heading towards the weekend. Thursday is the day before the weekend can begin so you are in a really good mood knowing that Friday is the next day. Finally, Friday was the best day of the week. You were filled with excitement to be off for a couple of days and have some excitement over the weekend. Ok, so this was before I became a nurse and started working different shifts. From then I haven’t minded Tuesdays as much ☺️. Additionally I really appreciate my weekends off more when they happen now.

Here in Sydney, the weather has been dismal. Constant rain for the past two weeks and with no end in sight. Some places are having 230mls of rain in 24 hours. People are experiencing severe flooding, loss of homes, livestock, and employment. I know we are in the middle of La Niña, the atmospheric phenomenon that occurs here every ten years but this feels so much more. People are saying this is the worst flooding in decades. Global warming I’m sure is having a major impact. Very gloomy here in Sydney, however, I don’t want to complain about it as people are losing everything to these floods.

Feels like being home in Ireland

Also the war in Ukraine doesn’t seem to be slowing down. So many innocent civilians losing their lives. For what? The mind boggles. I know we wanted to hear something other than Covid on the news but this isn’t what I had in mind.

That’s my Tuesday thoughts on this wet, miserable day. Maybe I should start writing some fiction to lighten the mood. How’s everyone else’s Tuesday going?

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. Well I’m lucky because I’m reading your post on Friday, my Tuesday wasn’t amazing but it worked itself out well, I’m pleased to say. Hope the awful rain you’re having that we’ve been hearing about here in the UK settles down soon.

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  2. A nice photo! We always wanted to visit Ireland and even Australia but don’t think we can now. My son visited Ireland many years ago. Beautiful of course. A great post, stay dry😄

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  3. Yeah, the war in the Ukraine is on my mind as well and I must say when they announced that the Russian’s fired on one of the nuclear power plants my heart started to sink and I had this lump in my stomach. Someone on the news was saying something along the lines of if that power plant or better the reactors explode, a nuclear cloud could pass all over Europe with fatal consequences. I always thought the UK was far away, but doesn’t seem that far anymore at all and my family in Germany is even closer. It’s a very scary thought.

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  4. Heya Wayne! Tuesday’s been down for some reason. To think that I just asked you how Sydney was at the moment, and I stumble across this post, lol. Anyway, great to know what’s going on in the world!

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  5. I heard about the terrible floods happening in some parts of Australia from my sister, who lives in Brisbane. Because of the situation in Ukraine, there’s not been any news about it here in the UK. She mentioned food shortages as well.

    Stay safe in that awful weather, Wayne.

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