Doors of WordPress V1

I have wanted to create this post for some time as I have a real love for doors, as strange as that may sound. I really like anything quaint, so if I see a door remotely quaint, I cannot help but admire it. I thought I would do a blog series showcasing doors in and around Sydney, just a few at a time. Whenever I see a door worth showcasing, I will add it to my list of Doors of WordPress. I may even display doors from other parts of the country or even other countries too. Please let me know what you think ☺️. I have numbered them and added their general location.

Ps. I have realised that it may not even be the door that I love but it could also be the entrance or even the building.

1 – Hunter Valley
2 – Surry Hills
3 – North Bondi
4 – Paddington
5 – Taylor Square (open door 😉)

Thanks for checking out my doors and please let me know which was your favourite?!

Wayne ✌🏽

Pps. I have just been informed by other amazing bloggers that there are others writing posts about doors and buildings. I am so excited to see these and join the doors community ☺️. Join me in checking out the below sites.

28 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V1

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  1. Congratulations on finding your tribe. 🙂 I’m one of the regular Thursday Doors people and have been since 2015. We post doors every Thursday, imagine… I remember the feeling I had back then when I saw that such a challenge existed, that other people loved doors as well. Welcome and enjoy the doors from around the world. Yours are all more than fine but my personal favourite is BIG TROUBLE. Like recognizes like. 😀

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  2. Doors and entrances are a favorite subject of the many people who participate in and follow Thursday Doors. Thanks for joining us today. You have some interesting doors. I am partial to corner doors, and the last one you’ve included is a great example.

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  3. Love the display! Difficult to puck a favorite. Even though we live in Florida, we built an off-the-grid cabin on an 11 acre plot of land in the woods in New York where Jimmie’s son lives. We have a double French door, so the first one at the wine store holds special meaning to me.

    Keep up the good work!

    Susan Prud’homme

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  4. Wayne, have you heard of the blogging challenge ‘Thursday Doors? It’s a great challenge to link this post to the host’s post and see all the other doors bloggers are posting. You’ll get participants visiting your post too. Dan hosts it at No Facilities. I occasionally participate.

    Let me know if you want the link to it.

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