Bloganuary Day 17 🦸🏼‍♂️

I would love to have the ability to teleport. That would enable me to see my family and friends in Ireland any time I want. I would also be able to travel the world and save so much time and money on travelling.

The only drawback would be that you miss out on the joy of travelling. However, you would always arrive at your destination refreshed and with money on your account 🤣.

I could always settle for the ability to fly. That way I could still travel wherever I want by air for free. However, I feel that if I had that ability, there would be public interest and I could be taken hostage as a science project. Plus I think I would be fearful to fly over oceans in case I lost the ability to fly and fell into the vast depths of the open waters.

There are just too many superpowers to think of. I could settle for any but I always seem to think of the other side of the coin, the drawbacks. Maybe it’s better not to have a superpower 🤔.

What’s your thoughts?

Wayne ✌🏽

15 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 17 🦸🏼‍♂️

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  1. A topic near and dear to my heart and something I have spent WAY too much time contemplating. I’m going to do a blog post about my power of choice this week. Way too much to say about it in a comment. But I love your response and power choice.

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  2. I could do whole blog on super powers. 🙂

    Teleportation is tricky because you don’t want to teleport into someone or something.

    Being able to morph into anyone (think Mystique in Xmen) would be amazing. Speed is my top choice with being a Red Lantern a close second.

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    1. Yes you’re so right about teleportation,
      I never thought of bumping into things! Speed would be good, not even for moving but to perform tasks quickly when at work, I would love that. What about turning into a puddle of mercury? Did you ever watch Alex

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  3. I would only want to teleport if I was in a hurry to see someone, because as far as travelling is concerned, I seriously enjoy the journey aspect. I wouldn’t want to miss that out, it’s a huge part of the fun. Superpower? I think I’d like to be able to eat and drink everything I want without putting weight on!!

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