Halloween anyone? πŸŽƒ

Is Halloween a big deal where you live? I feel like it’s pretty big here in Sydney. Parents go to great lengths to make it fun for the children. They really decorate their houses well and also outside their houses. I once seen hoards of children and their parents travelling the streets en mass here to go trick or treating. I had never seen this before.

Where I’m from in Northern Ireland, the kids would get dressed up and parade the streets to find sweets and candy from the neighbouring houses (you were devastated if someone gave you fruit or nuts!). I had never seen parents also getting dressed up and travelling with their children. Maybe that’s a sign of the times.

I used to love Halloween as a student. It was a great chance to be dressed up in anything really and head to a party with other like minded souls. The outfits didn’t have to be particularly scary. I never really understood that part. As I grow older, Halloween means less and less to me sadly. What about you? Does anyone else look forward to Halloween and it’s festivities?

Wayne πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

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  1. Halloween is always a big deal here in Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia we have a city named Sydney. But we did celebrate new Years in Sydney Australia..years ago. All kids show up Trick or Treating. I love I found your site.

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  2. I’m in Calgary, and there are some amazing Halloween decorations here. Also, the winter weather has set in and the kids need to wear their costumes over their winter clothes

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