Spit to Manly walk πŸ‘£

Hi everyone!!! Sadly my latest blog has taken a while to come about due to being pretty busy with life, working and having finally joined the gym. With a rare weekend off we decided to undertake the Spit to Manly walk in Sydney. It is a 10km walk/hike/trek that has some breathtaking views of different beaches and harbours, providing the chance to experience some of the bush whilst remaining in the capital city. The walk is pretty well sign posted and took us about 3 hours to complete.

Ready to begin our trek πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

I have always wanted to complete this trail, mainly to experience the bush without having to travel too far but also to see some of the scenic landscape on our doorstep, all on offer for free. It’s really lovely to catch a bus 20 minutes from your home and feel like you are in a completely different setting. To be honest, we hadn’t planned to walk the whole 10 kilometres, however, when you begin the walk, you become totally immersed in the environment and don’t even see the time passing by. The views are out of this world and you really look forward to what you may see around the next corner. It is a popular route to walk but not as busy as other Sydney walks, considering we went on a Saturday too. It is always nice to see some people about, especially when walking through the bush. You just never know what could jump out at you! We did manage to see and hear a water lizard rustling in the bush that caused quite a startle πŸ™ˆπŸ¦Ž.

You have to cross a couple of beaches along the way. Lucky for us the tide was out and we could cross with no problem or having to wade across. If the tide is in, you can move out towards the road until the area is passed. There are local residents about if you do happen to take a wrong turn along the way or in our case, get a little confused when you pass through a very prosperous area of housing ( you feel like you are off the beaten track, apparently fairly common!). When travelling through the bush area there is an opportunity to see some very old aboriginal rock engravings made by the regions Indigenous inhabitants.

I would highly recommend this walk if you have a love for fresh air, luscious scenery and the feeling of adventure. Really outstanding. You can find all the details you need, including how to get there from http://www.sydney.com.

W πŸ˜„

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