Sydney Tea Festival

People who know me, will know that I love tea!!!! I’m probably not that adventurous though. I really only drink tea that you can add milk to πŸ™ˆ. In saying that, I thought it could be interesting to try other teas and open my horizons to new tea leaf experiences.

The Sydney Tea Festival was held at the Carriageworks in Redfern, a contemporary multi-arts centre that is easily accessible from Redfern train station. A really cool architectural structure with a nice urban feel.

Upon entering the building you will be amazed to see so many tea stalls. It has a very farmer’s market feel. You are provided with a little tasting cup that you can take around the stalls with you and the stalls will fill you up with any of the teas that you would like to taste.

Lots of different teas were on offer to sample. Far too many to mention I’m afraid but there are ones for everyone. You can also learn the best methods to brew your tea and can purchase an array of various teapots etc. There were also workshops you could attend but for an extra fee. Some lovely food stalls also showcasing a range of different world cuisines, as well as some tasty desert stalls.

To be honest, I found that my favourite teas were the iced teas by Those Girls Beverage Co. they were delicious and refreshing, especially after having tried many teas (some not so good). This company also made an amazing hot apple cider that tasted like warm apple pie πŸ˜‹.

The only downside to the festival was the large crowds. Great to see so many people interested in tea, however, there are no orderly queues or ropes to create queues. Instead people bombard the stalls and some refuse to move once they’ve had their tea, so you end being pushed and shoved. Not ideal when you have hot tea in your hands 😳. I would love to love all these amazing teas but I simply need a cup of tea that you can add milk too πŸ™ˆ.

However, I would highly recommend people to try this festival when it comes again. For more info check out

Ps. They may have a method to manipulate the crowds better πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‚.

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